Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Amore is missing !!!!

Today is; 6/8/9 and i wahs walking my dog amore around 7:50 pm and i tripped over a tar bump on the side walk. she ran away before i could get up and grab the leash. i called her name for a good 5-10 mins and then i realized shes gone. she rann down a hill which leads to a freeway. :''''''''''[ i pray and hope shes smart enough to not enter a free way. I just pray my baby is ok. please pray for her please!!!!! amore has been lost before buht she found her way back. usually she would just be running up and down the street buht i cant find her anywhere. i dont hear her barking or anything.
Today is; 6/10/09 and while i wahs at school my friends mom said she saw amore. she tried to grab amore buht you know shes kinda old around 40-50s and she couldnt. a half an hour later amore came back for some food. she wouldnt get the food unless she would drop it and walk away. so she did it, buht she ran in the house for a quick second and amore took the food and ran :''[. after school i went home & my grandma told me to go to my friends tatianas house to see amore. i went there and amore wasnt there. buht thats a good sign. amore is fine and im so happy :''']

The first paragraph is from when I first lost her.
Ive been to busy looking for her i havent wrote on blogspot for a while
sorry i will be back soon summer starts on friday
I hope you guys all have great summers !
<3 - Amore & Her mommy Nina


  1. oh no - please let us know when you find her - we met a Klee Kai last week at the groomers - she was gorgeous -

  2. Oh no! I hope you find Amore soon. We miss her!
    Big licks to you