Saturday, July 4, 2009

Amore wahs found !

On my porch :]
Buht im sorry i haven't been on lately.
Its summer & theres been a lot of drama since im only 15.
Oh yeah Moms bday wahs on June 26 :]
Buht I'll be on more I promise.
Sorry no pictures, Mom hasnt recived her new camera yet in the mail.
Buht new pictures soon.
I'll have to put a picture up of my food bowl :]
Its full of chicken, gravy sauce & kibbles & bits :]
Bye for now
Happy 4th of july everyone!
Can anyone tell me how old America is ?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Amore is missing !!!!

Today is; 6/8/9 and i wahs walking my dog amore around 7:50 pm and i tripped over a tar bump on the side walk. she ran away before i could get up and grab the leash. i called her name for a good 5-10 mins and then i realized shes gone. she rann down a hill which leads to a freeway. :''''''''''[ i pray and hope shes smart enough to not enter a free way. I just pray my baby is ok. please pray for her please!!!!! amore has been lost before buht she found her way back. usually she would just be running up and down the street buht i cant find her anywhere. i dont hear her barking or anything.
Today is; 6/10/09 and while i wahs at school my friends mom said she saw amore. she tried to grab amore buht you know shes kinda old around 40-50s and she couldnt. a half an hour later amore came back for some food. she wouldnt get the food unless she would drop it and walk away. so she did it, buht she ran in the house for a quick second and amore took the food and ran :''[. after school i went home & my grandma told me to go to my friends tatianas house to see amore. i went there and amore wasnt there. buht thats a good sign. amore is fine and im so happy :''']

The first paragraph is from when I first lost her.
Ive been to busy looking for her i havent wrote on blogspot for a while
sorry i will be back soon summer starts on friday
I hope you guys all have great summers !
<3 - Amore & Her mommy Nina

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hello Darling !

Yesterday was the 8th grade picniccc. :D
I had fun, Well mom had fun. we had a water fight & took alot of pictures, mom didnt bring her camera so she used her friends :D

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
After that mom went home gave me a walk to her friends house :D

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Mom has been really lazy since theres like 12 more days of school left.
Hopefully she has a good summer :D

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy friday everyone!!!

My aunt recently broke the camera.
x[ xD she didnt like break it break buht she broke it to were you cannot see the screen anymore. All she can do is upload the pictures of the computer and see if she likes them.

I dont have school, Idk why just my p.e teacher was like see you on tuesday!
I was like what about friday & monday and hes like we get that off. I was like why ? and he said for memorial day.

I believe Memorial day is for all the soldiers ?
My cousin fought in the iraq war. buht hes home now hes going to go back next month i think.
~RIP ALL SOLDIERS~ Stay strong :]

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Using the toilet HEHEHEE x]
Just kidding, On petspace I had made a few signs on the toilet [Old Pictures)

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sorry Im not really as jittery as I usually am.
Buht Today was an ugly day.
It was just hot and sweaty, I couldnt deal with it anymore.
Mom was very upset with the things that happen yesterday. Today, there was almost a fight at school. And IM IN 8TH GRADE. Fights shouldnt be aloud!!!!! One kid brought a gun to school, because this other kid he was talking about some 7th grader.
I know people dont want to get expelled or suspended!!!!!!!! we have the promotion coming up [im almost a 9th grader:D!!) & we have the picnic and at the end of the day that we graduate we have the dinner dance.
The whole 8th grade worked hard for their grades and they dont want to get introuble for anything.
Im glad you guys can read this.

Heres a picture of me & Amore :D

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Bday Grandma!

Since Mom Doesnt live with grandma C. I cant take any pictures.
Buht heres your daily dose of amore :]

Today My sister, Peaches[the dog] came & mom took a picture of us :]

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Have a wonderful day everyone !
Leave love & I'll write back Soon :]

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy mothers day all!

Happy mothers day everyone!
I hope your day goes very relaxing!
I know today will be relaxing for mom & i!
I love you all !
Happy mothers day
Leave love & you get love back soon!